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Email and Collaboration

DIU Email Services

What is DIU Student email?

DIU provides students an email which is associated with their student ID. It can be used for all kind of academic activities.

Use of DIU Email:

DIU student email can be used as a Gmail account and to use all features of Gmail except YouTube access. Important use of DIU email is as below.

Accessing Student Portal http://studentportal.diu.edu.bd/#/login
Getting regular email from University https://mail.google.com/
Accessing DIU Blended Learning Center https://elearn.daffodilvarsity.edu.bd/
Accessing Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/

Collecting DIU Email:

After completing admission student needs to communicate to department office or IT office for collecting the DIU email and initial password. Students are advised to change the password to a strong one and enable 2 step verification for securing the email access.

Email Password Reset:

Student can set their recovery email and phone number just like an ordinary Gmail account. Student can change the password if they know the old password but can’t recover by themselves if forgot. Students are advised to communicate with department office or IT office to recover the password.


How can I get the DIU email?
After completing admission process please communicate with coordination office of your department to collect the email.

When will I get the DIU email?
Usually it takes 7 days after admission to generate the email address.

I have changed department. How can I get new email?
Communicate with your department office to collect the new email.

Why can’t I recover my DIU email password?
Students can change password if they know the old password but not allowed to recover password by using the default password recovery options. In that case please communicate with department office or IT office to recover the password.

Why can’t I login to YouTube with my DIU email?
YouTube feature is not allowed with the DIU email account.

How do I change my email address?
Students can’t change the email address once assigned. If anyone finds out that the name or spelling of the email is not right. They can communicate to the respective department office or IT section.

Why am I not getting email from University?
If you feel that you are not receiving necessary email from DIU please communicate with your coordination officer or IT section.

Why my email is showing disabled?
Student emails are disabled or blocked or suspended by system admin for different reasons like decision from disciplinary committee, partial suspension from university, permanent suspension from university etc. Students are advised to communicate with their respective department if they face this type of problem.